Why Exercising Is a Higher Priority Than My Career

“There’s a prevalent attitude among entrepreneurs that the business, whatever that business is, comes first. It is the high priority that trumps everything else, including family, friends and especially health. More 8 Life-Changing Lessons on How to Be Happy 5 Common Resume Mistakes You Can Fix On Your Own Who Were the Gunmen Behind ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event Attack? NBC News ISIS Claims Responsibility for Garland Attack NBC News Student Caught Poisoning Roommates’ Food: Cops NBC News

I’ve seen entrepreneurs sacrifice all these things, sometimes with tragic consequences, to focus on making their businesses successful. I’ve also done it myself, although I’m one of the lucky ones. During the years I made my business my highest priority, my wife stuck by my side, I didn’t cause any permanent damage with friendships (although I certainly didn’t nurture any) and I didn’t die.”

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