Those Pushing for a Constitutional Convention Are Looking to Delete Your Right to Self-protection by Eliminating the Second Amendment.

Those pushing for a Constitutional Convention or “Con-Con” are looking to strip your Second Amendment rights; of course your rights shouldn’t be subject to any vote, bill, law, or any court ruling in the first place – if they were subject to debate, you have a privilege, not a right. 

Pro-gun centralizers are hoping a Con-Con will ensure the Second Amendment is written out of any new Constitution. Many good people fall for the “limited convention” argument, but a Con-Con can’t be limited, it’s a pipe dream – as the article states and full heartedly supports.

“The good news is that 24 states (out of the required 34) have passed resolutions calling for a convention to change the Constitution, at which we would be able to incorporate Justice Stevens’ life-saving rewording of the Second Amendment.

Granted, the states that have signed on to a constitutional convention were led by legislators intent primarily on adding an amendment to balance the federal budget. But once such a convention convenes, every amendment is on the table.

And there is no reason that we can’t make good use of the opportunity to solve the most vexing and painful problem in America.”

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