The Connection Between Norway’s Anders Breivik and Charlie Hebdo Attacker Cherif Kouachi


I am watching with bemusement the curious reaction by thousands of journalists worldwide to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

It seems their notion of defense against this most vicious atrocity is a pencil. More specifically a pencil staring down the barrel of an AK-47. Now I know what their intentions are, the journalists want the terrorists to know that they will not be intimidated. Good first step. But unless they’re willing to defend this first step, they too will end up on the wrong side of an AK-47, just like the 12 victims of Cherif Kouachi.

As I read the accounts of the slaughter that took place at Charlie Hebdo, including watching the video of the unarmed cop begging for his life, I am reminded of the Norwegian massacre that took place a few years back. Eighty-five teenagers were slaughtered by Anders Breivik at a summer camp outside of Oslo. One of the more chilling photos was of a helpless young man, hand extended in the air, begging for his life. Just like the unarmed cop on the street outside Charlie Hebdo.

The Norwegian massacre was especially illustrative of the paralyzing weakness afflicting Europe. Eighty-five young Norwegians, descendants of Vikings, many of them large strapping young men who in another era would have helmed Viking longboats, were cut down and maliciously slaughtered by a single individual, interestingly enough another Norwegian, who saw this weakness, and decided to make a statement.

Cherif Kouachi and Anders Breivik were both willing to use guns in order to take the lives of those with whom they did not agree. Using a pencil as your weapon against a heavily-armed enemy who has no interest in reading the output of your pencil is not wise. Using that same pencil to intentionally provoke an enemy who has stated that they will kill you for said provocation, and not provide suitable defense of yourself and associates, will lead to fatal consequences.

Here is my point. Both Cherif Kouachi and Anders Breivik exploited weakness. They both new that any defense of their said targets would either be minimal or non-existent. Until Europeans learn that security begins with a weapon, a personal weapon and the ability to use it, they have two choices in confronting this threat… submit or die.

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