On Security Theater

CEOs and business owners this is important to your survival, you will want to pay attention to this.

“According to recent research conducted by Traction Guest, the overwhelming majority (92 percent) of enterprise security and risk professionals report that physical security is of greater strategic importance to their organization now than it was before the pandemic…

With onsite health and safety concerns at an all-time high, 87 percent of businesses plan to increase spending on physical security going forward.” (https://www.asisonline.org/security-management-magazine/latest-news/online-exclusives/2020/three-steps-to-avoid-security-theater/).

Passive security measures (cameras, alarms, physical barriers, etc) are fine and well (if costly). But, at the inception of a violent threat on-site, all those passive measures have, by definition, failed. At that point, there are only two options: Play the “fish in a barrel” game, or effectively respond to the threat.

There is a hard rule on this: Only areas covered by effective fire can be “secured”.

Everything else serves to establish early observation, channel, delay, conserve manpower, force multiply, etc., but it’s not “real security” until you have the ability to actively defend using the credible threat of lethal force.

Leaving your staff to be fish in a barrel is easy and free (until the lawsuits smack you in the mouth). Responding to the threat requires mounting an Active Defense. DSI trains your enterprise to mount an Active Defense.

Anything less than being able to actively defend IS the very definition of “security theatre”.

DSI can help you establish a highly invested, trained, effective, wired (communications enabled, and coordinated) active security team of your own employees for the same price you are currently paying for 1 (one) armed security guard.

Here’s how:

DSI's Practical Handbook 2020 - Establishing Distributed Security Networks
DSI’s Practical Handbook 2020 – Establishing Distributed Security Networks

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