OMG “lawmaker drops gun on floor near children at Statehouse hearing”

Rep. Carolyn Halstead, a Republican, said her backpack caught on the gun as she took it off. She said she quickly grabbed the gun and put it into her bag… Witnesses said several children were seated nearby but the hearing carried on with little disturbance.

Not sure what to make of this.

At the bottom, they tie this article in with the fact that the state of Illinois – which is filled with great people, yet is dominated by that shining beacon of purity, prosperity, and peace, otherwise known as “Chicago” – has restrictive gun laws for the places the state conducts its business.

The article seems to be suggesting that the logical solution is to have the same enlightened laws (such as those that have been impressed upon the people in Illinois) foisted upon the people of New Hampture.Under this line of reasoning and with the same logic applied:

Halstead is facing admonishment from the House speaker. “I have impressed upon her that, while no harm came from this incident, her lack of control is unacceptable,” Speaker Shawn Jasper, also a Republican, said in a statement.

Coming from a guy that probably doesn’t carry for a living, doesn’t train for a living, doesn’t have to deal with the limited carrying options and clothing that a nascent woman’s concealed carry market is just now starting to address, that’s quite rich.

Having the privilege of a lifetime’s worth of experience around real warriors, I can assure you that you can’t become safer by ignoring reality, treating adults like children, and writing new laws.

I have seen professionals drop everything from M-9s to sniper rifles (sometimes even in embassies in front of dignitaries) and much like the children in the original article, no feathers were ruffled and life carried on.

Dropping guns (and other sensitive items) is so common that the military insists on dummy cording everything to everyone – especially privates.

Yet, other than in training environments, no “admonishment” for a “lack of unacceptable control” was needed or given.

No additional laws, rules, or regulations were instituted.

Instead, we treated each other like grown assed adults, because that’s what we are, and that’s how adults treat one another.

Life is messy, your holster can become lose and your gun can fall out as you run, your quick release can catch on a strap or other hook, slings and attachments can loosen, malfunction, or fail, and buttons can be accidently pushed.

It’s nothing a fresh callsign, plenty of razzing, equipment adjustment, training, and (if needed) new equipment can’t fix.

Shit happens. Take responsibility, figure out the cause, fix it, train with it, and find the next gap to fill, and above all – carry on.

For the representative’s sake and those of other’s, I hope she finds a better carry solution or fixes the one she has instead of allowing this incident to dissuade her from carrying.

Source: N.H. lawmaker drops gun on floor near children at Statehouse hearing

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