Montana teen pushes to put armed teachers proposal up for vote

 “A 17-year-old Montana youth is seeking enough signatures to add a ballot referendum asking voters if teachers in the state should be allowed to carry concealed handguns on campus.

Chet Billi, a junior at Whitefish High School, filed paperwork with the Montana Secretary of State last week for the first voter initiative proposed so far for the 2016 ballot. The student decided to take action after legislation to allow teachers to carry on campus tanked in the state Senate. With that in mind, he decided to get involved.

‘I’m bothered by the fact that when school shootings happen, the first thing people want to do is take guns away from the people who could stop it,’ Billi told KTVQ.

His proposal would be a simple up or down vote on whether teachers, administrators and faculty at schools in Montana should be able to lawfully carry a concealed firearm on school grounds.”

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