Lawsuit challenges Ann Arbor schools’ gun ban

The lead in tot this story asks: “Is it reasonable for teachers and parents to worry that a person is openly carrying a gun around kindergartners in a public school?” 

Why would they be? Are they terrified when they see a police officer “open carrying” a gun around children? Do they think the gun will pop out of a holster and indiscriminately start shooting innocents? How many law abiding citizens have “gone off” and killed innocents in the past? I am certain that with only a modicum of research you could easily find more stories about police acting irresponsibly and unlawfully than legally armed citizens who have.

The story continues: “A statewide gun-rights group and a father with children in the Ann Arbor schools are suing the school district over its new policies that ban firearms on school grounds.”

The lawsuit, filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, comes just as a crowd of about 500 gun-rights advocates are expected Wednesday at the annual Second Amendment March around the Capitol Building in Lansing. After hearing speakers, the crowd of pistol packers customarily stride into the chambers of state lawmakers, prominently bearing their arm.

‘We like to remind the legislators who we are and what our rights are,’ said Jim Makowski, a Dearborn lawyer who filed the lawsuit and said he personally served it Monday afternoon at the offices of Ann Arbor Public Schools. Makowski planned to march Wednesday in Lansing and is scheduled to speak from the Capitol steps.”

(Via.) Detroit Free Press

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