Greatest Threat to Free Speech Comes Not From Terrorism, But From Those Claiming to Fight it

“Anticipating Prime Minister Cameron’s new ‘anti-extremist’ bill (to be unveiled in the ‘Queen’s Speech’), University of Bath Professor Bill Durodié said that ‘the window for free speech has now been firmly shut just a few months after so many political leaders walked in supposed solidarity for murdered cartoonists in France.’ Actually, there has long been a broad, sustained assault in the west on core political liberties – specifically due process, free speech and free assembly – perpetrated not by ‘radical Muslims’ but by those who endlessly claim to fight them. Sadly, and tellingly, none of that has triggered parades or marches or widespread condemnation by western journalists and pundits. But for those who truly believe in principles of free expression – as opposed to pretending to when it allows one to bash the Other Tribe – these are the assaults that need marches and protests.”

(Via.) The Intercept <—Click here to read more

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