Earth Day: 22 Ways to Think about the Climate-Change Debate

“Reasonable people can disagree about the nature and extent of climate change. But no one should sally forth into this hostile territory without reason and reflection.

‘Some scientists make ‘period, end of story’ claims,’ writes biologist and naturalist Daniel Botkin in the Wall Street Journal, ‘that human-induced global warming definitely, absolutely either is or isn’t happening.’

These scientists, as well as the network of activists and cronies their science supports, I will refer to as the Climate Orthodoxy. These are the folks who urge, generally, that (a) global warming is occurring, (b) it is almost entirely man-made, and (c) it is occurring at a rate and severity that makes it an impending planetary emergency requiring political action. A Climate Agnostic questions at least one of those premises.

Trying to point out the problems of the Climate Orthodoxy to its adherents is like trying to talk the Archbishop of Canterbury into questioning the existence of God. In that green temple, many climatologists and climate activists have become one in the same: fueled both by government grants and zealous fervor.”

(Via.) Foundation for Economic Education

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