Deleting Complete Google Search History is Now Possible

“Google has released a new update which makes it possible to export your complete Google search history within your computer. The Google search history tells a story of one’s virtual life. Scrolling over your Google history can be equally terrifying and edifying experience. Now Google has made it possible to see everything you ‘Googled’ and you can erase it all together, with ease.

Every person is familiar with that, for the purpose of target ads and various other reasons Google always tracks you, however now a person can check out his/her Google history and also get an indication of why he/she sees those ads. GOS (Google Operation Systems) initially noticed this new feature, and the new feature is not a big deal for Google. According to the new Google feature, you can see or export your Google search history easily.”

(Via.) Security Gladiators <—Read more here

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