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What does this prove? Plenty. It proves that people are people, that a badge, piece of parchment, training, and that uniforms don’t change fundamental human nature. What this article proves is that everyone, everywhere and at all times are simply humans like everyone else… and that if you work for the right groups, you may not end up in prison like the mundane do.

To be clear, we shouldn’t be calling for the full force of the state to come down on the agents… what we should be calling for is that the same compassion and reason be extended to all people, regardless of whom their employers may be. 

“A number of federal employees with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration have failed drug tests over the past five years, only to receive short suspensions or other minor reprimands, newly released documents reveal.

According to a Huffington Post review of internal DEA discipline logs, first uncovered by USA Today over the weekend, there have been at least 16 reported instances of employees failing random drug tests since 2010. While a number of these incidents were handled administratively, with a few people choosing to resign or retire amid the proceedings, none of the cases ended in an employee’s outright firing. The agency punished most employees with short suspensions, sometimes as little as one or two days.

The DEA’s drug policy states that applicants who ‘experimented with or used narcotics or dangerous drugs, except those medically prescribed for you, will not be considered for employment,’ though it makes exceptions for ‘limited youthful and experimental use of marijuana.’ The agency conducts random drug testing throughout an employee’s career.”

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