Coming After Your (replica) Guns?

Toy gun

Of the 86 fatal shootings involving imitation firearms since 2015, the most common theme was mental illness: 38 of those killed had a history of it, according to their families and police reports. Fourteen of the calls were domestic disturbances. Ten others began as robberies. The remaining circumstances range from patrolling neighborhoods to serving arrest warrants to making traffic stops.

Are more laws needed to make a fake gun look fake to protect the person wielding it inappropriately?

Is the problem fake guns that look too real (whatever that means), or could other factors be at play?

Since people under a life or death situation (such as those described in the article) naturally achieve a sympathetic nervous system or (SNS) response which includes the loss of color vision; what modifications will be demanded when simply coloring guns differently doesn’t fix the problem?

It seems to me that the real problem is that some people choose to intimidate, coerce, or otherwise threaten other innocent people, and then other people react with appropriate levels of counterviolence when faced with someone acting in a manner that suggests that they or others are in immediate jeopardy of loss of life and limb.

As my friends in law enforcement say “You do stupid thing, you win stupid prizes.”

This is not to say that excessive force can be ruled out in any of the cases however, this doesn’t seem to be the main theme in the shootings described.

Now contrast the article against the fact that I know many people (military, law enforcement, and civilian) who use such replicas responsibly for training, competition, sports, and leisure.

They use the modern airsoft, BB gun, and other nonlethal training arms, munitions, and tools specifically because they closely replicate the real systems they own to defend their lives and the lives of other innocents.

Why do they use the most realistic functioning replicas they can afford?

Because it fits the equipment and accessories that they currently own, it saves them money and countless hours of travel time, gas, range fees, and more costly live ammo.

More importantly, accurate replicas allow them to train correctly by using and feeling the same weapons handling skills they use on their live fire weapons.

Furthermore, none of these people would even dream of being negligent with the replicas, and certainly not without the understanding that their inappropriate actions could earn them the ultimate “stupid prize” when confronted by law enforcement.

Again, it’s not the toy gun, it’s the actions of the few that get them killed.

If you want to fix the real problem, fix society – but leave the manufacturers alone, they are providing an invaluable training tool for the majority of people that use them for good.

Source: Sentinel & Enterprise

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