Boost Your Observation Skills (#2, Xs and Os game)

The Xs and Os Game

While you continue to sharpen your senses and observation skills with your 4-senses drill, begin playing situational awareness game that Jeff Cooper called the “Xs and Os game”.

To play the Xs and Os game, keep a running list of all the times someone surprises you or catches you unaware in your daily life, whether at home, driving, the office, at the gym, or walking, hiking, jogging, or running.

Every time someone catches you unaware, mark down an “X,” and every time you detect someone approaching you mark down an “O”. If you keep working the above 4-sesnses drill, before long you will find that your “Xs” quickly outstrip your “Os.”

Your goal in the Xs and Os game is to eliminate all Xs.

Use your 4-senses drill throughout your day, at work, on the road, in conjunction with the Xs and Os game and you will be well on your way to becoming situationally aware.


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