Attack Of The Killer Dykes! – Breitbart

We’re told that the greatest predator on earth isn’t the tiger shark or the lion but the lowly straight white male, a violent, aggressive thug who prowls the streets, raping, beating and killing unsuspecting women. But it is not so: in fact, women in relationships with other women are dramatically more likely to get knocked about by their partners.Lesbian violence is poorly understood because it is poorly researched, and poorly researched because it makes the gay lobby deeply uncomfortable. We’re not supposed to admit that any kind of gay relationship might have a dark side. It’s all unicorns and Mariah Carey, as far as charities, politicians and the media are concerned.Except it really isn’t. The news yesterday that a child was spirited away from its birth mother to be brought up by gay dads and the mother subjected to a gagging order so she couldn’t go to the press about it chilled some researchers to the bone. They know what I’m about to tell you: that many children going to adoptive parents, and many surrogate babies, go to lesbian couples.And so rampant and apparently worsening is the dyke domestic violence epidemic that statistically 1 in 3 of these children will witness domestic, or, as we call it these days, “intimate partner” violence.

Source: Attack Of The Killer Dykes! – Breitbart

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